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Whatever your needs, preferences or personality, you will find the help that suits you at Sue's House. We offer a range of services including counselling, complementary therapies and support groups.

We believe the benefits of our approach are:

  • A dramatic improvement in the patient's will to live
  • Effective support to the immune and repair systems
  • A reduction in the side effects when patients undergo chemotherapy, radiotherapy and/or surgery, due to changes in diet and nutrition, to a positive and relaxed state of mind and complementary therapies
  • An improved quality of life through helping the individual to deal with stress and emotional strain and start living again
  • A support network that provides for the emotional, therapeutic and informational needs of people with cancer
  • The experience of a safe, loving environment, that allows time for people to recover and to rediscover the priorities and sources of energy in their lives.

And the results of our approach?

  • Improved energy, well being and quality of life
  • Improved outcome and tolerance to medical treatment
  • Frequent stabilisation of the illness, often leading to longer periods of remission
  • Occasional tumour regression

Group Meetings

Sue’s House Presents 



With  Prem Sharma

Every  Wednesday

12pm – 2pm

Join us for a afternoon of yoga, wellbeing and nutrition with Suhaila and mindfullness with Tracey

Any donation welcome

Thank You!   

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Complementary Therapies



Appointments available on Tuesday's with acupuncturist Daniela.



Appointments available on Tuesday's and Thursday's with Kevin and Sharon. 

Counselling and Support

suhaila tauheed

Counselling and Support

There are times in our lives when we may need extra support to help us get through the dark and lonely days. Seeking help might not always be easy, particularly after being diagnosed with Cancer. Working together in an empathetic, safe, non-judgemental, and confidential environment, Sue’s House provides counselling sessions to patients and carers to help them express their issues and enable them to be able to cope better.

Our counsellor Suhaila Tauheed, who is trained and qualified in counselling and humanistic psychology, works in line with the BACP’s ethical framework. Suhaila is committed to delivering high quality counselling to patients and carers.

She is a compassionate person and feels passionately about helping people. Suhaila works with

patients to help them manage their emotional pain and have a better quality of life.

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