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kevin kellyKevin Kelly


Kevin has worked as a healer in Romford and Islington and currently at Sue's House, where he served as a healer and a helper for more than 20 years.
suhaila tauheed

Suhaila Tauheed


Suhaila has 14 years experience as a psycotherapist counsellor and has been trained in different areas of psychology.

Daniella Matal



Sharon Wood               Sharon Wood profile


 Sharon was introduced to Sue's House by her auntie, Caroline Prudence, in 2017. Caroline is a reiki master and attuned Sharon to reiki healing in 2012. Sharon has been practising ever since on people with many different conditions from cancer patients to those with less severe illnesses. sharon wished to volunteer after Amelia, her daughter, had single stage spinal fusion surgery for scoliosis in December 2016 and received wonderful reiki healing in hospital.


 Tracey Grant








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