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I went to Sue's House yesterday
When you're at Sue's House, things feel ok.
Nice friends to talk to and all seems well,
When you're at Sue's House,
No one can tell

The healing happens,
You feel ok,
When you're at Sue's House, there's another day
Nice friends to talk to and all seems well.
When you're at Sue's House,
No one can tell
Didn't go to Sue's House yesterday,
Feeling so much better
Everythings ok

With so many loving thoughts and memories of a dear friend June
and the hope and peace Sue's House gave her and her family.


Four years ago I was diagnosed with bladder cancer and later on with breast cancer. I thank the people at Sue's House for supporting during this time - discussing cancer with the family can be very stressful.

"At Sue's House I feel at home as soon as I walk through the door."


"As a cancer patient, Sue's House is a haven for me - supporting, reassuring, helpful and understanding.

"I feel very lucky to have the help they give me."

From patient "A"

"I was told about Sue's House through Macmillan in 2000.  I had Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma in the spine twice.  The covid lines in Sue's House are spot on.  I rate it a 5 star.  I love coming here, they are so caring and kind.  I have Healing, Accupuncture and Yoga.  The talks we have are fantastic.

From patient "B"

"I was recommended to Sue's House by a friend, I recommend it also.  Sue's House has given me back my confidence because ahving lost a dear friend suddenly I lost it all.  I come every Wednesday &THursday to Yoga and Counselling which have been very rewarding.  Although I've only been coming a couple of months I have gained so much.  Sue's House is so freindly and staff and patients so friendly and comforting.  I'm really glad I was introduced to Sue's House, I rate it 5 stars.  Sue's House follows Covid Guidelines very strictly "

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